AMENA automotive has joined hands with Ebtikaar, a consulting agency sharing similar values and visions to raise standards in the regional automotive industry and working towards redefining the future of mobility in our region.

Ebtikaar is a highly specialised advisory that aims at bringing disruptive innovation and exponential decision making to the public and private sectors. The company is based on one central question: Are complex business innovation challenges best tackled using business thinking or scientific thinking?

By drawing a wide range of thinking and disciplines ranging from abstract First Principles reasoning to practical commercial thinking, rapid engineering to design thinking, Ebtikaar aims to turn the art of disruptive innovation into a science.

Alan Whaley, Chairman of AMENA and Dr. Petar Stojanov, Managing Partner of Ebtikaar

Managing Partner at Ebtikaar, Dr. Petar Stojanov with Founder and Chairman of AMENA Automotive, Alan Whaley

One of Ebtikaar’s internal frameworks that are designed to understand problems and create disruptive solutions is the Smart Failure framework. It has been deployed in the Dubai government’s 10X initiative, facilitating intensive workshops attended by X-units across all 36 departments. Participants have tackled existential challenges by applying multidisciplinary approaches in design, mathematics and modern economic theory, turning the Art of disruptive innovation into a Science.

“AMENA Automotive was created as a partnership-led company and we’re proud to join forces with world-class partners,” said Alan Whaley, Chairman of AMENA. Dr. Petar Stojanov, Managing Partner of Ebtikaar said, “Ebtikaar and AMENA have many shared values and visions when it comes to the future of mobility and our collaboration will help the whole automotive industry in the Middle East and beyond.”

The tumultuous challenges that lie ahead in the automotive landscape’s future have made it difficult to understand how industrial companies could best navigate and find a viable solution.

In a recent interview that was published on Medium, Daimler’s head of strategy, Wilko Stark explained that flexibility had to be a core part of the company’s strategy. This will prove to be efficient in a market where car ownership itself is being attacked by ride-sharing companies that can raise enormous sums of capital despite massive losses.

Alan Whaley & Dr. Petar Stojanov

Managing Partner at Ebtikaar, Dr. Petar Stojanov with Founder and Chairman of AMENA Automotive, Alan Whaley

With its partnership with AMENA Automotive, Ebtikaar’s contributions will prove to be viable, having an upper hand at foreseeing the challenges that the automotive sector could be faced with.

AMENA Automotive is an independent automotive association for manufacturers, dealers, professionals and third-party suppliers in the automotive industry in the Middle East and North Africa. The primary goal behind AMENA is to foster prosperity and success in the regional automotive industry. Through knowledge sharing, thought leadership, and market intelligence, AMENA raises the profile of the industry.