Mitsubishi will unveil a new electric concept at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. The Engelberg, according to the company, will feature its “next-generation technology and enhanced EV performance”.

After teasing an image of the EV earlier this January, the company has now dropped another image that shows the crossover’s profile. With a few tweaks on the original darkened teaser image, we got a good look at the crossover.

Mitsubishi Engelberg Teaser

The conventional design on the model could suggest that its close to production.

The crossover’s profile shows a fairly conventional-looking crossover that doesn’t look too far from production. The boldest design that can be seen is the thick D-pillar that features a vertical line next to the side windows. It looks oddly similar to the new Jeep Compass profile. We can also see it has a roof box mounted on top which will sport the off-road lights, seen in the last teaser.

In its last teaser image, the Engelberg was seen with a peculiar front fascia, with uniquely placed lighting elements such as triple-stacked lamps on either side of the grille. Mitsubishi suggests the Engelberg Tourer will “bring further developments in SUV styling and practicality, along with a focus on next-generation technology and enhanced EV performance.”


The last teaser showed a roof rack fit with LED light bars that might hint at its off-road capabilities.

Alongside the previous teaser, Mitsubishi also left a mysterious brief note about it which read:

More SUV
More EV
More Technology
More Style (Named after a beautiful; rugged Alpine town with a history of sporting success)

Only time will tell if the Mitsubishi Engelberg Tourer concept will deliver on what its note promises. For the moment though, the SUV does look like it could make for a decent product is equipped with a sufficiently powerful electric motor.

Considering that the Engelberg is sporting such a production-ready design, we could expect that this model could be a curtain raiser for Mitsubishi’s future endeavours in the EV segment.