After scraping the Range Rover SV Coupe in late January, Land Rover has pulled the plug on the rugged Discovery SVX.

On Friday, Autocar reported the demise of the model. However, Jaguar Land-Rover spokesman Nathan Hoyt told Motor Authority that the decision was finalised months ago. This was conveyed to the customers who booked the model through an email bulletin.

Discovery SVX

Land Rover did not cite any reasons to scrap the Discovery SVX. The news, however, comes a few days after a $3.2-billion restructuring of operations.

“The decision was made not to offer the V8 powertrain in the Discovery line,” Hoyt told Motor Authority. Additionally, he also stated that the SVX badge has a future in the British carmaker’s lineup and that it will live on for other models, perhaps on a rumoured Defender SVX.

In 2017, Land Rover Design Chief Gerry McGovern stated that the SVX would “arguably” be apt for the 2021 Defender. Reports suggest that the Discovery SVX was meant to fill the void left by Defender when it was pulled out of production in 2016.

The Discovery SVX was first showcased at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. At the time, the company had promised a production version of the SUV by late 2018. This timeframe, however, passed by and now Land Rover has confirmed its final fate.

Discovery SVX UAE

The Discovery SVX was first showcased at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show.

While the company did not cite any reasons to axe the SVX, it comes a few days after a $3.2-billion cost-cutting plan announced to boost savings and cash flow through 2020. In the past month, JLR also announced a lay-off that involved about 4,500 employees as part of the cost-cutting measures.

In January, Land Rover cancelled the limited edition Range Rover SV Coupe stating that they were focussing resources and investment on the next generation of world-class products.

Buyers who put down deposits and configured their cars were faced with the bad news after Land Rover said that they wouldn’t be getting one. The company had not disclosed the number of bookings it had received but claimed that some of them had plumped their vehicles up to $446,000.