Aston Martin’s Vanquish has seen a very uncertain past. After it was discontinued in 2018, the British manufacturer showcased a mid-engined concept of the car at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

Yes, it is still a concept and we are aware of previous concepts in the company’s line-up that were never commissioned. But it’s the Vanquish we are talking about. Against all odds, if Aston manages to push the concept into production, Ferrari’s 488 (now the F8 Tributo) and the McLaren 720S will have something to look over their shoulders.

Aston Martin discontinued the Vanquish back in 2007, bringing it back in 2012, and again retiring it in 2018. Aston Martin is sure uncertain about its V12 GT.

The Vanquish is expected to derive skills from its V12-powered elder siblings. We have been told that Aston Martin will not stop the expertise gleaned from the Valkyrie to trickle down into the new Vanquish. This includes inspirations such as aero, efficiency, packaging, weight and so on.

On the outside, the concept shares a huge resemblance with the RB-003 concept that we talked about earlier. It boasts clean Valkyrie-inspired lines like the 003. Design director Miles Nurnberger saying: “There’s less of the negative space that defines the look of the Aston Martin Valkyrie and AM-RB 003. It’s a prettier car, and purposely so, and it’s been designed to thrive in a less extreme performance envelope.”

The car will inherit qualities such as aero, efficiency, packaging and weight from the Valkyrie.

There’s little further information apart from this, increasing our thirst even more. However, we are assured that, if pushed into production, an almighty battle royale could be brewing in the future. “Our first series production rear mid-engined supercar will be a transformational moment for the brand,” explains Aston boss Andy Palmer, “for it is the car that will propel Aston Martin into a sector of the market traditionally seen as the heartland of luxury sports cars.”