The Pininfarina Battista is finally here. After being teased with images of the Italian manufacturer’s first electric hypercar, speculations were in the wind for over a year about its capabilities. And now it’s here.

This is the most powerful road-legal car ever to come out of Italy. Thanks to a 120kWh battery pack, the Battista churns out approximately 1900hp and 2299Nm of torque. Pininfarina has not held back from gracing the car with elements that make it rather monstrous. This begins with unique properties of e-motion in the car helps that helps it clock triple digit speeds in Formula-car territory. A face-peeling sub-two second time for Zero to 100kph and 300kph in less than 12: this is what the Pininfarina Battista can achieve, all without a guilty conscience of polluting the environment with hydrocarbons.

The hypercar's powertrain derives heavy inspiration from Mahindra's Formula-E race cars.

For those wondering what is on offer for $2.63 million, the Battista boasts carbon fibre monocoque with batteries that are housed behind the occupants and along the side in a T format. Electric trickery has been developed alongside Rimac. While the car is reported to be comparatively heavier than its rivals, Pininfarina claims that its layout delivers optimum weight distribution: with four motors that feed power to each wheel.

Similar to its exterior, the Battista boasts an equally beautiful cabin. It features a ‘vanishing point’ aspect to the main display and a futuristically driver-centric layout. Rather than extensively using leather elements inside, Pininfarina has managed to embody the same luxury essence with recyclable materials. However, each of the 150 cars can be personally customised to whatever degree the customer seeks to achieve.

Rather than leather finish inside the cabin, Pininfarina has used recyclable materials.

“We wanted to keep the form and proportion of a traditional supercar,” chief designer Luca Borgogno says. “We did a lot of research, thought about how much of a spaceship it could have been, but elected to create something in line with our history, true to Pininfarina’s values. The cabin pushing forward, the long tail balancing the visual weight – it’s still the best configuration you can find. For us, it was clear this was the way to go.

“It takes back some of the beauty of the 1960s, the sensuality. Look at the cars in our museum upstairs: what really strikes you is the purity and beauty.”

This 1900hp hypercar has sure pushed the benchmark further for all-electric hypercars that are currently on sale in the market. From what we can see, the pain that Pininfarina went through to carefully screen its partners has definitely paid off.