Ahead of this, we talked about the 508. The sporty hybrid concept that made its way into the Geneva Motor Show, was apparently more than just a concept.

Apart from being a 350hp hybrid saloon, the 508 paves a path for the French company in the direction of a heavily electric future. “The idea is to develop a complete line, an electrified sports version of every new Peugeot,” says Peugeot Sport boss Bruno Famin. “It’s a new chapter. Everything hybrid or fully electric. We are considering every future model right now, including SUVs.”

peugeot 508 pse

The line-up strategy of the 508 will be carried forward for all models.

“We didn’t get the green light to go ahead with that,” says Famin, “but we’ve played with that bank of components to create a high performance with a low level of CO2 and affordable cost, which was not really the case with the 308. But it’s thanks to the 308 R and 208 Hybrid FE concepts that we’ve acquired the know-how and skills in Peugeot Sport to help develop this new range of electrified sports cars.”

In addition to this, Famin confirmed that every model that will exit the production lines of Peugeot will get some sort of Peugeot Sport electrification unless financial figures or technical challenges negate the profit.

The company recently added a new hybrid variant to its 208 hatchback line-up. Commenting on the same Famin told Top Gear stated that the brand was ‘exploring the subject’.

“Maybe they’ll be a bit softer,” says Famin, deflating us a little. “You can see that on the 508 we are showing today. We are changing our code even for the colours; we didn’t want to use the usual red or blue of the internal combustion sports versions. New colours signify the change in power.

peugeot 208 hatchback

The company also confirmed an R2 rally version of the 208 with a turbocharged three-cylinder engine.

“The compromise in the sportiness has to change also. Generally speaking, we cannot say we are not going to make a fully sporting version of the 208 yet, we don’t know, but an extreme car like the 205 GTI cannot be affordable now. You can have a very high level of performance, but maybe not in an extreme sports car like 40 years ago.”

Reports suggest that there will still be an R2 rally version of the new 208 which will use a turbocharged three-cylinder engine for additional torque than before. This will also help the company overcome the additional 50kg imposed by new regulations.

“I’m not sure the person rallying their 208 R2 will be a great fan of the 508 Peugeot Sport Engineered, they’re maybe two different worlds,” says Famin, “but I’m sure they’ll love the fact we are working on performance street cars.”