Toyota apparently believes the more Supra concepts the merrier. The Toyota GR Supra GT4 follows earlier concepts such as the GR Supra Racing and GR Supra Super GT. These concepts signal that Toyota is eager to come out with motorsport-spec derivatives of its iconic sports car.

The GR Supra GT4 is developed in Germany by Toyota Motorsport GmbH. Quite obviously based on the A90 Supra, it gets race car upgrades, weight savings, and power gains.

Most conspicuous design detail on the GR Supra GT4 has to be the massive fixed wing sitting on the rear boot lid.

This being a GT4 car, the body has been swollen up with a set of widebody kit. The kit adds a humongous spoiler on top of the standard integrated ducktail unit. A prominent splitter up front enhances the concept car’s racing ambitions while retaining the production front bumper.

The interior has been subjected to a drastic weight loss programme. It hosts a roll cage and a pair of body-contoured bucket seats that seem to be constructed from carbon fibre. While the dashboard has been largely inherited from the roadgoing 2020 Supra, a new race-spec OMP steering wheel is new on the GT4. Toyota also dumped the floor mats and some comfy trim from the A90 to shave off even more weight on the GR Supra GT4.

The Toyota GR Supra GT4 will be on display at the 89th Geneva International Motor Show. Toyota mentions that it will continue to explore the Supra’s racing side, putting to good use the knowledge gained during development to improve the road version. News of the GRMN Supra’s production is already official, leading us to believe that Toyota is just warming up with the fifth-generation Supra.

Toyota Motorsport stripped the GR Supra GT4's interior to the bare essentials for racing.

As we all know, the Toyota Supra is legendary for its highly scalable nature and affinity for aftermarket performance upgrades. While the new Supra might not lend that easily to modifications, the fact that Toyota is pushing race versions of the sports car is a testament to its capability. Is the new version worthy of the ‘Supra’ nameplate? We will know as the first production lot hits the streets and goes under the upgrade regime.