The Battista dropped our jaws, but that’s past now. Doing what they have been doing and what they do best, Pininfarina has designed another concept for Karma Automotive that could possibly be debuted later this year.

You can remember Karma Automotive as Fisker automotive which debuted the Fisker Karma Concept in 2011. After a divorce that saw the company file for voluntary bankruptcy in November 2011, its assets were sold at an auction. China-based Wanxiang, which bought the company renamed it to Karma Automotive.

teaser karma pininfarina

The concept is set to be officially unveiled at this year's Shanghai Motor Show.

With background out of the way, let’s dive into the details of what Pininfarina plans for the model. The concept that has been teased in the image above looks some form of sleek coupe featuring a long bonnet and an aggressive front grille.

A few years following Wanxiang’s acquisition, Karma Automotive brought back the Fisker Karma with a new name: Karma Revero. The car was built in California rather than Finland. Considering that its new concept has been handed over to the wizards at Pininfarina, Karma seems to be truly standing on its own two feet.

Karma is set for an all-out assault at the Shanghai Motor Show in April, with two concept cars and a next-gen Revero. With Pininfarina taking charge of the concept’s design, we assume something that would take our breath away, is on the way.

Pininfarina Battista UAE

The Pininfarina Battista entered this year's Geneva Motor Show with close to 1900hp and 2299Nm of torque on pure electricity.

The Italian coachbuilder garnered magnanimous amounts of positive response for the Battista. And for all the right reasons indeed. More than dropping jaws and stealing hearts at the Geneva Motor Show, the Battista pushed the boundaries that surrounded the development of fully-electric four-digit output cars.

With a 120kWh battery pack, the Battista churns out approximately 1900hp and 2299Nm of torque. Pininfarina has not held back from gracing the car with elements that make it rather monstrous. This begins with unique properties of e-motion in the car helps that helps it clock triple digit speeds in Formula-car territory. A face-peeling sub-two second time for zero to 100kph and 300kph in less than 12: this is what the Pininfarina Battista can achieve, all without a guilty conscience of polluting the environment with hydrocarbons.