The Rolls-Royce Cullinan might be hogging all the limelight these days, but the fact remains that there is no car that represents Rolls-Royce quite like Phantom. At the Geneva Motor Show 2019, the luxurious saloon comes back, if possible, in an even more luxurious avatar.

Only 25 examples of the well-appointed Rolls-Royce Phantom Tranquillity are commissioned for the global market, available both in standard and extended wheelbase versions. Of course, all of the limited-edition units are already sold out, even before the car’s premiere in Geneva.

rolls-royce phantom uae

Customers can specify their Phantom Tranquillity in regular or Extended Wheelbase cofigurations.

Space exploration is the underlying theme for the special-edition Phantom. The interiors are laid out beautifully with a choice of sumptuous materials like stainless steel, 24-karat gold plating, and space-grade aluminium. The volume controller comes with an integrated piece of Muonionalusta meteorite, driving home the space inspiration.

Inspired by both sides of the Moon, Rolls-Royce chose Arctic White or Selby Grey leather upholstery to complement gloss and satin veneer combinations. Gloss black trim is also present in the cabin, lending it a classy aura. Both Light and Dark models get bespoke audio speaker frets finished in yellowish gold. The colour is inspired by Voyager satellites that carried two gold records with sounds and images into space, as a means of contact from humans to the universe.

Customers choosing the Extended Wheelbase Tranquillity receive “a unique embroidery detail” on the door panel, matching the pattern on the Collection Gallery. Yellow gold is used for vapour-blasted, engraved titanium clock. The Spirit of Ecstasy is also made of engineered titanium finished with yellow-gold accents.

rolls-royce phantom tranquility interior

A luxurious cabin reflects Rolls-Royce's underlying theme for this special-edition Phantom.

So how much does the Rolls-Royce Phantom Tranquillity cost? The firm hasn’t disclosed pricing details yet. However, considering a bone-stock Phantom costs $452,750 (AED 1.66 million), the Tranquillity has to come in a lot dearer.