Al Tayer Motors, the official importer and dealer for Ford vehicles, has launched a special edition of the 2019 Ford Expedition named ‘Turath’. Derived from the Arabic word for heritage, the Expedition Turath is a tribute to the UAE and a symbol of peace, modernity, and tradition in the Arab world.

Al Tayer Motors customized the Turath in-house to reflect the tradition of the UAE. The SUV features a horizontal strip in red and black running across its belt line, marked with the UAE flag and the Expedition name. The tailgate features a ‘Turath’ badge, with an emblem featuring the iconic image of the UAE’s founding fathers affixed on the C-Pillars.

2019 ford expedition

The Ford Expedition has been a consistent performer when it comes to sales in the UAE.

Alloy wheels, exterior mirrors, as well as the front and rear bumpers of the Ford Expedition Turath are finished in glossy black. The interior features the emblem of the founding fathers. The design is also sewn into the Expedition Turath’s headrests, complete with a flag of the UAE.

Mechanically, there are no changes to the Expedition. Ford offers the full-size SUV in the UAE with a single powertrain for now: a 3.5-litre V6 EcoBoost motor. The engine produces 400hp and 650Nm. Power is fed to all four wheels via a 10-speed automatic transmission. Ford claims that the SUV delivers best-in-class fuel economy as well as tow rating. More than 40 features and driver-assist technologies new to the Expedition series make journeys with the American SUV “as enjoyable as the destination.”

“Turath, the Arabic word for heritage, is a tribute to the UAE, which is a symbol of peace, modernity and tradition in the Arab world. Inspired by the ‘Year of Tolerance’, the Ford Expedition Turath has been customised and designed in-house to reflect the heritage of the great young, modern and tolerant nation that the UAE is today,” said Helal Hanei Omar, Senior Vice-President at Al Tayer Motors Ford.

ford expedition

Subtle yet well-executed touches to its overall design make the Explorer Turath distinctly unique.

The Ford Expedition Turath is limited excusively to the UAE market, priced at AED 286,181 (inclusive of VAT). Customers can specify the Turath trim at any of the Al Tayer Motors showrooms, and at Premier Motorss, the official dealer for Ford in Abu Dhabi.