Jaguar has confirmed it is working on producing a brand-new addition to its lineup of cars. Not surprisingly, it is going to be an SUV, tentatively christened the J-Pace for now. Alongside the high-riding vehicle, Jaguar also discussed about a possible “baby Jag” called A-Pace or B-Pace.

The all-electric XJ is common news by now, but a new F-Type and J-Pace make for exciting news indeed. The J-Pace has been talked about for years. It will be larger than the F-Pace, taking the fight to cars like BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, and Infiniti QX70. Expectedly, the J-Pace will use the XJ EV’s platform and use Jaguar’s brand-new inline-six engine.

Jaguar J Pace

The J-Pace will sit above F-Pace in Jaguar's SUV lineup.

Jaguar also confirmed that both the XE sedan and F-Type will be getting replacements. The firm did not divulge whether these models will be next-gen cars or something slightly different. Either way, the XE was just facelifted for 2020, so a new generation is at least three years away.

The new F-Type was recently caught doing test runs, so it should be on its way to unveiling by the end of this year. However, it is unclear if this is the replacement Jaguar mentioned. Rumours have been floating around that the second-generation F-Type will be a sporty EV.

Finally, throwing a bit of a curveball, in Jaguar’s own words, “considerably less expensive ‘baby Jags’” that could be called the A-Pace or B-Pace are also on the table. The British carmaker also made a presentation before the World Car of the Year jurors with the baby Jags making an appearance.

This means that these cars are at least partially cleared through the design phase. Jaguar said the baby Jags will be eligible for the organization’s World Urban Car award in the next decade, putting them squarely in the space hitherto occupied by cars like the Kia Soul.

World Car of the Year 2019

Jaguar's surprise "baby Jags" were also shown to the World Car of the Year jurors.

The electric Jaguar XJ should step into the light by the end of 2019, while debut dates for all the models mentioned above are unknown. The cars designed to present to jurors will probably be the last ones penned by Ian Callum for Jaguar, who’s bidding goodbye to the leaping cat after 20 years of overhauling its model lineup.