At AMENA Auto, we constantly stay at the forefront of industry trends and revolutionary new ideas taking shape in the MENA region. In an interview with AMENA Auto, Jorge Bialade, General Manager of YallaMotor, spoke of a ground-breaking new product that has the potential to shake up a lot of prevalent practices in the industry.

Alan Whaley, Chairman of AMENA led the interview, posing poignant questions to gain insights into YallaMotor’s reach and perception about the regional car buyers’ market. Crucial topics raised in the interview were YallaMotor’s GCC survey about the market demographic, the pace of progress in the industry, and the rapidly changing consumer preferences.

Alan Whaley, Chairman of AMENA Auto with Jorge Bialade, General Manager of YallaMotor.

The modern car buyer prefers to research his purchase online rather than visiting dealerships physically. This opens new opportunities for businesses to increase their reach and influence in the online research outlet. YallaMotor aims to take advantage of the current trend by introducing a new product with the potential to revolutionise the industry.

Alan started off with the GCC car buyers’ behaviour report, raising questions as to the nature, target, and results of the survey. Data gleaned from a targeted research contains valuable insights and projections benefit all those who have access to the report.

The strongest conclusion from the survey was that the consumer of today is increasingly preferring online research into buying cars rather than visiting dealerships physically. The key expression here is the preference of virtual consumption rather than a physical experience.

Jorge reveals that YallaMotor has caught on to the consumer sentiment, and is in the process of launching a new product that could grab the attention of modern car buyers like nothing else on the market currently. Part of the product’s need was dictated by shrinking popularity of motor shows across the globe.

With this information in hand, YallaMotor will launch the world’s first virtual motor show. Currently the team is working on bridging the gap between online and offline motor shows. However, the proposition of a virtual motor show is simple and ground-breaking in equal proportions.

A motor show you can log into and browse at your discretion is a winning idea in the first place. Add to it the fact that this motor show won’t pack up after a week, and you begin to see just how much of a revolutionary product YallaMotor has on its hands.

Jorge Bialade elaborating on YallaMotor's new product strategy.

Finally, what are its implications and benefits? First off, it is much more cost-effective for OEMs than traditional auto fairs. The logistics challenge has been completely bypassed in this model, meaning that regional dealers can also participate in the virtual motor show. This opens up the market to more players than before, while providing more choice to the end consumer.

The idea of a motor show that is open 24×7 and can be accessed from any digital device has the potential to redefine how much we can propagate online branding and lead generation, while reaching even more car buyers than before. Will virtual motor shows replace physical ones in the future? Head to the interview with Alan Whaley and Jorge Bialade to find out!