AMENA partnered with Arabian Gazelles and the Dubai International Motor Show, conducting plenary discussions and interviews on crucial topics regarding the automotive industry. The five-day motor show saw AMENA actively participate and contribute to enriching the regional automotive sector.

Here is a breakdown of our participation at the show with Arabian Gazelles, supported by our proud members.

Day 1

On the inaugural day of the 2019 Dubai International Motor Show, AMENA Auto featured a program focused on Women In Automotive. We have been actively encouraging the role of women in the automotive industry, and organised the first Women In Automotive Forum in Dubai recently.

We listened to Hanan Mazouzi Sobati recount her journey from founding Arabian Gazelles, and how the all-female drivers’ club has evolved from just being about supercars. Sobati’s initiative is perfectly aligned with our own vision regarding WIA Forum. Furthermore, we explored career and professional development opportunities for aspirants of the automotive sector, assisted by our members Nissan and Michelin.

Alan Whaley AMENA Dubai International Motor Show 2019

Alan Whaley, Chairman of AMENA Automotive with visitors.

Day 2

Being a partnership-led firm, AMENA Auto can always count on the unique perspective provided by our members in all matters automotive. The second day of the Dubai Motor Show saw us discuss the future trajectory of the industry, with AkzoNobel, Renault, and Black (to name a few) weighing in on the proceedings with their own data and insights.

Dubai-based Emirates Woman hosted high tea before the program was officially underway. We also interviewed the Arabian Gazelles to understand how these women are bringing about a change in the industry, and how they envision its future. AMENA believes that not including women in the sector is a direct loss of half the talent pool. As such, we encourage the proliferation of women in the industry.

Day 3

A strong customer base invariably dictates the success of a business. The automotive industry is especially reliant on consumer preferences and sensibilities. It is crucial to identify what a carmaker’s target demographic looks for in a product, so the firm can design and market automobiles that align with customers’ needs.

Day three at the Dubai International Motor Show was about understanding customers better, especially from the perspective of luxury brands. What does the modern driver or user of a luxury car prioritise in his/her purchase? Other points to consider are the purchase experience at a dealership, overall ownership experience, and the level of customer engagement that brands should bring forth when their premium products are concerned.

Cheyenne Kamran, Chief Strategist, AMENA Auto

Cheyenne Kamran, Chief Strategist, AMENA Auto.

Day 4

Gulf Business, Middle East’s first business magazine, hosted a panel on the fourth day of the 2019 Dubai Motor Show. Among the key points of discussion raised at the conference were the changing business models of automakers and the challenges that would appear subsequently. The target of the panel was to discuss ways to maximise operating margins of automotive businesses while keeping customers largely unaffected by the constant fluctuations in the sector.

Day four also welcomed the recent move in Saudi Arabia that lifted the ban on women from driving. Nissan, one of our proud partners, led the way forward by supporting the impact of the major decision across the country. The first women driving instructors of Saudi Arabia were invited to the Motor Show to share their experiences teaching fellow women how to drive.

It is no secret that driving is a crucial skill to learn in today’s day and age. The fact that a major chunk of the population of Saudi Arabia can now drive signifies the country’s commitment towards encouraging a modern, cohesive society.

Day 5

The concluding day of the 2019 Dubai International Motor Show had some exciting activities to offer. Chief among them was the Performance Driving Clinic that taught participants the finer nuances of driving a race car. Driving instructors with extensive knowledge of piloting a race car were on hand to assist and hone the skills of those trying their hands on motorsport machines for the first time.

A panel of more than 30 journalists came together on the concluding day of the motor show to adjudge the Women World Car of the Year awards. The initiative was supported by our proud members and industry partners who, like us, support the role and contribution of women in the automotive sector.

Dubai International Motor Show 2019

This is where we realise that events like the Dubai Motor Show are not just about launching new products or entertaining visitors. Through interactions with different entities present at such events, we can paint a clearer picture of the regional industry. Discussions and participation in various panels scheduled throughout the course of the event also lead to new ideas and practices being implemented by those involved.

Finally, pooling data, insights, and perspectives to realise a common vision ends up enriching the industry, while people and businesses involved can generate new connections that can assist each other in refining and expanding their respective practices.

At AMENA Auto, we have learnt a lot through the course of the show, and we daresay that we have managed to contribute a fair bit towards the advancement of the regional automotive industry. Here’s to another successful Dubai Motor Show.