Ferrari has been on a model offensive lately. The Italian marque had announced a slew of new models slated for a 2019 launch, and the F8 Tributo, SF90 Stradale, and 812 GTS have already made their debuts.

With the debut of the 2020 Ferrari Roma, there is only one more model left in the carmaker’s launch lineup. Perhaps the most-awaited of all Ferraris, the upcoming model is touted to be an SUV, called Purosangue for now.

Ferrari Roma

Ferrari has made the Roma a sleek, futuristic car instead of giving it an aggressive, sharp style.

The Ferrari Roma follows the brand’s tradition of naming cars after specific places in Italy. In that sense, it could be called a spiritual successor of the Maranello, Modena, and Portofino. It takes its design inspiration from Ferraris of the 1950s and ‘60s. The major inspirations were Ferrari 250GT Berlinetta Lusso and the 250GT two-plus-two.

The exterior of the Ferrari Roma is defined by clean lines and curvy surfaces. The front end marks a major departure for the company from its recent design ethos. The Roma does not wear an aggressive front fascia, going down the sleek way. The LED signature of the car lends it a unique identity.

Down the side, there are no aerodynamic appendages like you would usually expect on a Ferrari. The company has chosen a clean profile for the coupe. The rear takes after old Ferraris in that it drops its signature round units. Instead, there are sleek twin taillamps that complement the pushed-out twin exhaust pipes of the car.

The car rides on 20-inch wheels, and features a turbocharged V8 that makes 611hp and 760Nm. 100kph comes up in 3.4 seconds, 200kph in 9.3 seconds, and the Roma tops out at 320kph. Despite its clean design, the car still features some aerodynamic enhancements. Chiefly, there is a rear spoiler that is neatly integrated into the rear of the car. It automatically deploys under hard driving to improve downforce.

Ferrari Roma Key

The easy-access key fob leets you operate all controls of the Ferrari Roma just by having it within the vicinity of the car.

The Roma also debuts cutting-edge dynamics systems like its Side Slip Control 6.0, and the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer, which controls yaw angle by actuating individual brake calipers. This is a first on any Ferrari GT model.

The Italian carmaker has equipped its latest car with a modern interior, replete with technology and creature comforts. A 16-inch fully digital instrument cluster provides critical information, while an 8.4-inch vertical touchscreen and a passenger screen can be used to access infotainment controls.

The steering wheel is new, and the Ferrari Roma now offers haptic controls on the wheel to access main commands. Ferrari is pushing its grand touring appeal by making optional advanced driving systems available to support longer journeys.

Now that the Roma has made its debut, all eyes are again on Ferrari as it prepares to unveil its most controversial new car, the Purosangue SUV.