Lotus Engineering, the division that acts as an engineering consultant for third-party clients, is set to undergo rapid expansion under new leadership. Chief Miguel Fragoso has begun reinvigorating the division, appointing a new commercial director in the process.

Under previous Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales, Lotus Engineering’s contribution to the group’s turnover had shrunk to almost 15 percent. In the past, the division has contributed almost half. However, Fragoso has lauded Gales for instilling “the financial discipline it didn’t have.”

Lotus Elan

Following the Elan's release, Lotus will start taking up new projects to update itself about current technologies. More models will follow soon after.

Lotus Engineering has taken up recent projects including an exercise in collaboration with Jaguar Land Rover for the England government’s Technology Strategy board. Two more projects are also in the works with unnamed Japanese clients. “We’ve been able to keep some extraordinary talent,” said Fragoso. He also noted that the engineering arm can provide additional insights into projects. ”We are more than subject specialists, we are a car company ourselves,” he says.

Building upon the new momentum acquired by Lotus Engineering, Fragoso continued, “We’re back in business.” The business will operate in two broad areas: one being the familiar mainstream car makers, the other start-ups. Within this, he said: “We will be working with Geely.” For the future, Fragoso said: “We want to be among the leading companies providing these services. And these companies aren’t small.”

Lotus has been planning a comeback since the past few years, and announced its return to form with the hyper-EV Evija. The British carmaker will debut an all-new model in 2020. Rumours suggest that the new car will be called Lotus Elan, but only time will tell for sure. Furthermore, the Elan will be joined by a slew of new sports cars. This process will expose Lotus more fully to the latest technologies, enabling its engineering division to take on “projects that align with our sports car plans,” according to Fragoso.

Lotus Evija

The Evija hyper-EV signals the start of a new era at Lotus Cars.

After a brief lull in operations and new projects, Lotus is now backed by Chinese automotive giant Zhejiang Geely. Leveraging Geely’s vast reserves of revenue, Lotus recently shifted to a new facility, and soon came up with the Evija, which the firm claims is the most powerful production hypercar in the world. With the announcement of the Elan’s release followed by new models, it looks like Lotus will soon return to producing fast, light, and agile sports cars.