Electric pickup trucks are currently being pursued actively by carmakers, with American manufacturers either promising or rolling out their own versions as fast as they can. Companies like Rivian and Bollinger Motors are among the relatively smaller players in the space, while giants like Ford and Ram Trucks have announced their own e-pickups in the works. Tesla has also managed to kick up a storm by debuting its polarising Cybertruck.

Another smaller outfit based in the USA recently debuted an electric pickup in China. Neuron EV was founded in 2017 with headquarters in California and “subsidiary companies and partners in California and Asia Pacific Region.”

Neuron T One

The T.One has been designed from the outset to be a versatile vehicle able to fulfil diverse requirements of owners.

At the China International Import Expo (CIIE), Neuron EV showcased two of its most advanced prototypes: T.One pickup and Torq semi. Company spokespeople say the firm chose China to debut because the Asian country is the world’s biggest market for electric cars, and CIIE is the world’s largest trade expo.

Neuron says it is working to build “practical and desirable electric utility vehicles that offer more value.” Bearing this in mind, the T.One pickup is a highly modular vehicle. It can be transformed into a tractor, a camper van, a dump truck, and anything that can be accommodated on the truck’s chassis. Neuron EV did not disclose the specifications of the truck, answering instead that “vehicle performance is determined by usability,” and “product quality is measured by ease of use, comfort, reliability, safety, and sustainability.”

What Neuron does say is that its products are built on a skateboard chassis. The innovative underpinnings can accommodate electric as well as hydrogen fuel-cell drivetrains. The firm calls it a “multi-source propulsion system” with replaceable reserve power.

Neuron T One Exterior

The electric pickup's interiors are also modular and flexible, allowing for multiple seating configurations.

As is fast becoming a trend, the Neuron T.One’s cabin is devoid of buttons, with all inputs being handled by screens around the driver. Neuron is majorly targeting customers aged between 30 and 50 “…who use technology to lead dynamic yet balanced lifestyles.” Tech startup jargon aside, the firm seems to have quite an impressive product in the making.

Neuron EV will take the pickup and the Torq semi to the Hongqiao Import Commodity Exhibition and Trading Centre this December, after which both the UVs will arrive at American shores to compete against the likes of Tesla and Rivian.