Tesla will debut its first ever pickup truck in Los Angeles on 21st November. Company CEO Elon Musk tweeted the same on Wednesday, confirming that the firm is ready with its new EV.

Although not much is known about the truck’s capabilities, name, features, or even design, there are a few key highlights to note. According to Elon Musk, Tesla is targeting to price the truck below $50,000. Musk said, “You should be able to buy a really great truck for $49k or less.”

The American EV maker is aiming to venture into the commercial truck segment with its newest offering.

Tesla wants to promote its capabilities by saying it will make the RAM seem toy-like and will beat the Ford F-150. Taking on the segment’s two bestsellers is a daunting challenge, yet the American EV maker has never failed to deliver on the performance front.

In top-level trim, the truck should be able to offer a driving range of between 650 and 800km. It will be an AWD truck with a motor for each axle. Musk also said the truck’s suspension would dynamically adjust according to load. Torque will not be in short supply, as is the norm with EVs. An old tweet from Musk claims that the pickup could tow up to 136 tonnes of cargo.

Following the pickup truck's launch, Tesla will introduce the Semi to play at the other end of the commercial vehicle spectrum.

Tesla will throw in some thoughtful features with the all-new EV, such as a 240V outlet for power tools, unique drop-down tailgate, and automatic parallel-parking facility with 360-degree cameras and sonar.

Production schedule and availability in exiting market is still unknown at this point in time. Tesla needs to get the Model Y in production, and is also working on the Roadster and Semi. The pickup might jump to the head of the queue, but no details on Tesla’s plans are available right now. The American maker of electric cars will reveal its plans regarding commercial vehicles at the pickup’s release on 21st November.