Renowned automotive and motorsport designer Gordon Murray said his newest project, the T.50 supercar will be the “purest, most driver-focused” of all road cars ever built. When a man who has designed a car like McLaren F1 utters these words, you can be sure something phenomenal is headed your way.

Perhaps the most peculiar detail of Murray’s new T.50 supercar is a large fan sitting between the taillights. The 400mm ‘ground-effect’ fan is Murray’s brainchild, featuring for the first time on a motorsport machine.

Gordon Murray T 50 Fan Car

The T.50's fan is a revolutionary aerodynamic appendage that massively impacts the car's performance.

“I’ve dreamed of delivering a road car with a ground-effect fan since I designed the Brabham,” said Murray, harking back to the F1-dominating Brabham BT46B 'Fan Car'.

Gordon Murray has worked on numerous motorsports and roadgoing projects. His claim to fame was the singularly astounding Brabham BT46B “Fan Car” brought forth to challenge the Lotus “ground-effect” 79 at the 1978 Swedish Grand Prix. The Brabham generated so much downforce over all sectors of the Anderstorp circuit, that Niki Lauda walked away with a dominant 34-second lead at the end of the race.

The fan was never seen again, due to a variety of reasons, but Murray is bringing it back on a road-legal car for the first time. “I’ve dreamed of delivering a road car with a ground-effect fan since I designed the Brabham,” said Murray. The T.50 will make use of the fan, in addition to closely following the McLaren F1’s blueprint. The fan car’s specifications are mind-blowing, to say the least.

The T.50 has three seats with the driver positioned centrally. Power comes from a 4.0-litre V12 engine that can rev up to 12,000 RPM. Murray worked with Cosworth to develop this new motor. The V12 makes 650hp, which is 100 horses above the F1’s output. A further 50hp is available from a 48-volt mild-hybrid system.

A detailed look at the T.50's aerodynamic package.

Murray has released just one picture of the T.50. The car looks purposeful and bulky, despite weighing in at just 980kg. It manages to offer such light weight courtesy of its carbon fibre central tub. Two active wings at the rear of the car work in tandem with the fan to deliver six separate aero modes.

Of these, the ‘Vmax’ mode creates what Murray calls a ‘virtual longtail’ to extend the wake of the car, making it more streamlined. This will help the driver achieve max speeds, which Murray claims will be well over 320kph.

The T.50 Fan Car will be unveiled in May 2020, with deliveries beginning from 2022 onwards.