According to a research conducted by, the Toyota Land Cruiser is the best selling car in the United Arab Emirates. This proves to be true since the vehicle fills every street corner and roads around the region.

Not only in the UAE that this 4 wheel drive model is popular but also among 10 other countries including Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon, Tanzania and Angola

Since its launched in 1951 the vehicle has sold more than 10 million units globally.

The legendary badge began life as an SUV designed for the military, making its civilian debut in 1951.

On other models of Toyota and according to figures of Best-Selling Cars, the most in-demand vehicle globally is the Toyota Corola which sold 1.48 million units in 2019 followed by Ford F series with 1.07 million sales and Toyota RAV4 with 970,000 sales.

According to popularity standards around the globe Toyota Hi-Lux tops the list, followed by the Toyota Land Cruiser while the Skoda Octavia takes the third place.

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