The RTA and MND’s agreement of the Transport System

Dubai’s high-speed transport system initiated by Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) signed an agreement with France’s MND. The inked Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aims to explore innovative solutions and develop a completely new experience for aerial transportation.

The French mobility specialist submitted its design for a suspended transport network called the Cabline system. MND’s Cabline system is a fully automatic, driverless transport system. It uses an innovative self-propelled cabin moving along ropes at a speed of up to 45 kilometres an hour.

CEO of RTA’s Rail Agency, Abdul Mohsin Ibrahim Younes, said, “MND is a leading group for ropeways infrastructure working on a new driverless high-speed system. This Cabline system by MND is flexible, energy-saving, and has a minor impact on the urban environment.”

Meanwhile, Xavier Gallot-Lavallee, the chief executive of MND, expressed, “Our engineering team has been working hard in the last years to finalize the design and make Cabline a unique and disruptive technology to ease urban mobility.”

Let’s take a look at Sharjah’s sky pods.

Cabline and its new urban transportation experience

Dubai’s high-speed transport system has been one of the initiatives of RTA in exploring futuristic transportation. Thus, the MoU is in line with the efforts of the RTA for the vision of Dubai to transform 25% of all trips to be self-driving by 2030.

“The signing of this MoU is part of RTA’s ongoing efforts to increase public transportation trips to 26% by 2030. Realizing this objective requires developing advanced innovative transport systems and improving the sustainable transport network in Dubai to encourage people and visitors to use public transport.” Younes explained.

MND believed that the Cabline technology under development in their design centre could contribute to a new urban transportation experience.

The French company said the Cabline is an innovative technology that can provide a modern, quieter, and energy-efficient alternative that allows easier maintenance. In addition, Cabline is easier to integrate with a reduced carbon footprint within Dubai’s urban setting using a minimalist infrastructure.

The first sky pod is set on September 2023 in Sharjah

The uSky Transport and Unitsky String Technologies of Belarus will bring UAE’s first high-speed electric sky pod. Expected to open in September 2023, the four-seater sky pods are zipped and tested at 400-metre test track at the Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park.

Furthermore, the pods can travel a distance of 50 kilometres per hour during tests. They are innovated to move independently on a pulley system of a cable car with a speed limit of 12-15 kph. In addition, each can accommodate 2-14 passengers that can be transported between key points across the cities. Once completed, a longer test track in Sharjah that stretches across 2.4km for a longer test track. As an ecological solution, the carbon footprint of the pods is lower than regular trains.

Sharjah sky pod is set.


With Dubai’s high-speed transport system, the future of sustainable mobility does not only rely on the offering of car electrification. With the initiative of RTA and the signed agreements with different mobility specialists, what’s impossible is coming into reality. From roadways to the railroad, we can now have an innovative cabin moving along ropes. As an ecological solution and could be a way for a hassle-free ride.

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