F1 world champion retains title

Hamilton bagged the eighth victory in the 2021 F1 British Grand Prix on Sunday. Despite a 10-second penalty from a first-lap collision with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, the Formula One world champion manages to defend the title.

After winning the new sprint race qualifier, Verstappen started the race on pole position with a 33-point lead. However, with Hamilton’s attempt to pass the leading Red Bull driver, a disaster struck at the Copse corner when Hamilton’s front-left wheel came in contact with Verstappen’s right-rear wheel.

The Dutch driver spun off the track at high speed and crashed into the barriers suffering one of the worst accidents of his career. Hamilton went on with the race, but stewards found him “predominantly at fault” and gave him a 10-second penalty.

Even without any major injuries, Red Bull’s Verstappen was eventually taken to the hospital in Coventry after initial checks for further precautionary tests.

Hamilton won the 2021 F1 British Grand Prix

Despite the penalty, Hamilton bagged his eighth victory as a British Grand Prix champion.

Who came in second and third best?

Behind Hamilton’s eighth victory is 2nd placer Ferrari driver, Charles Leclerc, named Driver of the Day. Leclerc’s performance showed breathtaking pace in the race and even led the race after Hamilton’s penalty. However, he failed to claim his first win of the season.

“It’s difficult to enjoy 100%, of course, but it’s been incredible. I gave all of me, but it just wasn’t enough in the last two laps,” he said.

Mercedes’ third placer, Valterri Bottas, also gave the team a victory. “The weakness today was the start. I was wheel spinning a bit – just like Lewis yesterday.” Bottas expressed.

“That made it a bit more difficult. Obviously, we had to react to the stop with Lando at the beginning; we stopped a bit too early to be competitive at the end, but we got Lando, and also, we helped Lewis to win,” he added. “Really strong weekend for the team. And we’ll go again in two weeks’ time.”

Second placer Ferrari driver, Charles Leclerc and Mercedes’ third placer, Valterri Bottas.

It’s all about Hamilton’s eighth victory

Hamilton’s eighth victory is all that matters. None from the controversial crash stopped him from celebrating his victory. A crowd from the 140,000-capacity grandstand at Silverstone was filled with cheers as he was hailed the victor.

The thrilling victory got Hamilton to chase down Leclerc on lap 50 and pass the Ferrari’s driver at the Copse Corner. This made him secure his 99th race victory.

“This is a dream for me today, to do it in front of you all,” Hamilton exclaimed after the biggest sporting crowd in Britain.

“I always try to be measured in how I approach, particularly with battling with Max, he’s very aggressive. And then today I was fully alongside him, and he didn’t leave space.”

“But regardless of whether I agree with the penalty, I take it on the chin, and I just kept working. I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way.” He added on his crash with Verstappen.

Hamilton Eight Victory

"This is a dream for me today, to do it in front of you all," Hamilton exclaimed after the biggest sporting crowd in Britain.

A race to his eighth record

Leclerc took the lead from a Copse after the collision incident. On lap 27, he was 2.3 seconds ahead when Hamilton went for a pit stop to change tyres and serve the penalty with Bottas and McLaren’s Lando Norris coming from behind.

However, on lap 31, Hamilton passed Norris into Copse and came close on Bottas, who got orders to give way for Hamilton on lap 40.

With only 12 laps to close the eight-second gap to Leclerc, Hamilton went for the inside in the Copse corner. Just like a similar move from the Verstappen incident but was more cautious. A wide ran on the exit of the corner allowed him to rev by and claim the victory.

With Leclerc and Bottas in second and third respectively, Norris placed on the fourth that lifted him third in the standings, came next is McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo. Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz, Fernando Alonso, Lance Stroll came in sixth, seventh and eighth, respectively.

Hamilton’s eighth victory is all that matters.


Despite the penalty, Hamilton bagged the eighth victory in the 2021 F1 British Grand Prix champion. He is now 8-point away from Verstappen, who still leads the 2021 Driver’s Championship with 185 points. Noriss is at third with 113. Red Bull leads the Constructors’ Championship with 289 points while Mercedes placed 2nd with 285 points. McLaren claimed the third spot with 163.

One of Hamilton’s favourite circuits, the Hungarian Grand Prix, will come in two weeks. However, Verstappen is still yet to confirm if he is going to compete.

Lewis Hamilton once said, “I don’t aspire to be like other drivers. I aspire to be unique in my own way.”

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