What is Keyloop Drive?

Keyloop Drive, Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies’ latest Dealer Management System (DMS), has recently completed its largest remote implementations to date! This agreement between Keyloop Middle East and Al Jazirah enabled the latter to expand its business using the latest technology from Keyloop. In addition, it also replaces the existing Autoline system of Al Jazirah known as Rev8.

Keyloop is known for its capability to create a seamless remote implementation worldwide. And with the Keyloop Drive, Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies explained that the new system “deliver positive change within the organization and help management make smart, holistic decisions based on real-time data and tactical information”.

Keyloop Regional Sales Manager, Wassim Fatayerji, said, “Having been with Keyloop for over nine years, this implementation has been four years in the making. I am very proud of the work we have done and helping Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies continue to be one of the largest and most innovative Automotive Retailers in the Kingdom.”

How far has Keyloop Drive reached?

With the remote implementation of the Keyloop Drive in over 550 users, this is considered to be one of the largest remote implementations completed by Keyloop. The implementation also consists of 16 showrooms and 60 aftersales locations.

James Rhodes, Keyloop Sales Director in the Middle East and North Africa, expressed, “Having Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies as a loyal customer has been of great value for our business in the Middle East. The relationship reaffirms our position in the market as a premium, industry-leading DMS provider, supplying solutions to some of the largest and most innovative automotive companies in the world.”

Al Jazirah Vehicles Agencies started in 1987. For more than three decades, it has grown its operation in several points across the Kingdom, carrying out its business in the Saudi Automotive market. Its success over the years has brought the company many commendations and awards. Furthermore, it is one of the leading dealers in terms of Sales and Aftersales.


With the developing functionality of the Keyloop Drive, Al Jazirah is equipped with a future-proof DMS platform. It is a platform that meets and delivers customers’ demands and transforms the dealership operations into the next level.

Redefining innovative and seamless customer experience.

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