A multi-year collaboration for LoveFrom and Ferrari

Former Apple designers, Jony Ive and Marc Newson, with their design firm, LoveFrom, teamed up with Ferrari in a multi-year collaboration contract. Exor, Ferrari’s parent company, announced on Monday that they had formed a long-term collaboration with the firm.

In a press release, Exor said, “The first expression of this new partnership will bring together Ferrari’s legendary performance and excellence with LoveFrom’s unrivaled experience and creativity that has defined extraordinary world-changing products.”

With little details announced, reports say the collaboration will help Ferrari in its first electric vehicle planned to release in 2025. This is part of the broad alliance between Ive and the Agnelli dynasty’s holding company, Exor.

Chairman and Chief Executive of Exor and Chairman of Ferrari, John Elkann said, “In building great companies, we also believe in building great partnerships. Soon after LoveFrom was founded we began to talk with Jony and Marc about opportunities to combine their world-renowned creativity with ours, in complementary and incremental ways.”

LoveFrom’s ventures with Ferrari and Exor

With LoveFrom teaming up with Ferrari, it is also looking to explore several creative projects with Exor alongside the collaboration.

“We are thrilled to be embarking on such an important, long-term collaboration with Ferrari and more broadly Exor,” Ive and Newson said. “We see some uniquely exciting opportunities working together which we believe will yield important and valuable work.”

Brands like Italian football team Juventus and Italian media conglomerate, Gedi are some of Exor’s brands in its portfolio. It also includes Shang Xia, a Chinese luxury fashion label, and Britain’s The Economist Group. These brands could offer possibilities and potential design innovation.

As part of the deal, Ive will join Exor’s Partner Council. Members of this council get to share experiences, insights, and expertise with Exor in connection to new potential business opportunities.

“I’m also delighted that Jony is joining our Partners Council, where we look forward to benefiting from his uniquely valuable perspectives,” Elkann added.

Jony Ive and Marc Newson’s LoveFrom

Ive have worked with Apple for 27 years and left the company in 2019. He made a remarkable contribution after leading the design of some Apple products including the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac. On the other hand, Newson had been an industrial designer since the mid-1980s before joining Apple in 2014.

After leaving Apple, Ive and Newson formed LoveFrom. It is a creative collective of designers, architects, musicians, filmmakers, writers, engineers, and artists where Apple became its first customer. They have kept a low profile since then with the firm’s only publicly announced client, Airbnb.

Both designers are passionate car enthusiasts as well, with Newson racing classic models.

Ive and Newson added, “As Ferrari owners and collectors, we could not be more excited about collaborating with this extraordinary company and in particular with the design team expertly led by Flavio Manzoni.”

LoveFrom’s partnership with Ferrari and Exor is the second-high profile partnership of the firm after Airbnb.


As LoveFrom teams up with Ferrari and Exor, Elkann expressed how “Ferrari represents a first, exciting chance to do great things together as we build our future.” Although exact details are unclear, this partnership will surely yield great results in design, innovation, and potential strategies.

From iPhones to Ferraris and fashion, this collaboration is something to look forward to.

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